Fire protection

Installation of fire protection. Protection for steel structures, concrete and other.


The rooms offer mute, acoustic plaster and sound. Produkty firm Ecophon, Top Akustik i inne.

PUR foam and polyurea

We spray foam PUR opened and closed cell and polymer coatings - polyurea.

Insulation Slabs

Explore the benefits of professional insulation of floors. Warming we spray and by the classical method.

We offer

Iterm Company is engaged in the provision of services for private investors, cooperatives and housing communities.The main areas of business are:


Passive fire protection:

  • Fire protection for structural steel and reinforced concrete structures
    • The intumescent paint HENSOTHERM 360 KS
    • The spray DOSSOLAN 2000s – fire protection of steel structures
    • The spray TECWOOL – F – fire protection structures and concrete slabs
    • The spray PROMAT – fire protection of steel structures
    • i inne
  • Service penetrations in walls and ceilings
  • Strings ventilation and air conditioning
  • Curtain fire
  • Construction and expansion slots
  • DSO warning system


  • Acoustic plasters ( sound) sprayDaussan, WTO, Tecwool i inne
  • soundproofing  and improving the room acoustics
  • acoustical
  • Wall cladding and acoustic

Protective coatings and polymeric foam PUR

  • Open-celled foam spray (Breathable foam) – Spray insulation of attics, walls and ceilings
  • Spray foam closed cell – waterproofing of roof, foundations, basement ceiling insulation, industrial facilities, repair roofs
  • Showers polymer protective coatings – polyurea –  repair of swimming pools, tanks, floor, protective coating bridges etc.

Services thermo:

  • insulation (Thermal izoalcja, warming ) ceilings in the basement, ceiling garages and other systemsTERMOGRAN, ISOTHERM, PROMAT -T
  • Spray Insulation performed hydrodynamic – Acoustic, Thermal and Fire
  • Thermal insulation of roofs by blowing granules
  • warming space above the ceilings, diaphragm walls and voids using a blow-in
  • Injection crystalline and insulation leakage via injection
  • Services and audits performed using the thermal imager
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